Scandinavian-style living room

5 Concepts to create a Scandinavian-style living room

Many people today are in love with Scandinavian and minimalist living room architecture. This is because the Scandinavian style has a modern, simple, and functional style interior. The interior color selection itself can be a variety of colors, so it is not limited to a single color tone. In this article, I will give you the 5 concepts to create a Scandinavian-style living room.

The Right Furniture For Scandinavian-Style Living Room

Scandinavian furniture, light fixtures, and other functional items should be modern and eye-catching, but not overly ornate. The use of simple and not large furniture is highly recommended to get a strong Nordic interior impression. Furthermore, Scandinavian furniture is identical to natural elements. For instance, consider a wooden table for your living room

Play With Pattern

Adding patterned rugs and pillows to this style of the living room can be a good way to add warmth. Choosing carpets and sofa cushions that are the same color as other decorative elements will provide a broad effect. Just like decorative aspects to enhance the appearance of the room and keep the room from looking monotonous.

Neutral Color is The Best Choice

White is the dominant color in Scandinavian design. It is because white color can give the impression of broad and bright. However, you don’t have to use white for a room with this Scandinavian interior style choice. You can also try to elaborate on other neutral colors too, such as beige, khaki, brown, or monochrome colors.

“Scandinavian design is identical to modern, spacious, cleanliness, and comfort impression”

Natural Touch For The Best Result of Scandinavian-style Living Room

You can bring natural elements to your Scandinavian design living room. So, to complete it you can give a natural touch to the decoration. For example, green plants, upholstery, such as wool, mohair, sheepskin, linen, jute, burlap, and more. And the most important thing is that there is enough natural sunlight in the morning and afternoon to make the room feel more comfortable.

Add Some Wall Decoration

As a nice finishing touch, you can decorate the walls of the living room with photos, paintings, or quotes. Displaying various types of wall art in a Scandinavian-style living room is the best and most ideal way to show personality and character.

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