Having a relaxing bathroom like when you are on vacation is very pleasant. So, if you enjoy the atmosphere of the beach and the sea, you can transform your ordinary bathroom into a coastal-themed bathroom. There are numerous approaches to obtaining an ocean-influenced beach bathroom. Such as, by changing the color slightly, adding some decorations, and selecting the most suitable furniture

1. Colors of Coastal Themed Bathroom

Natural colors, such as the beautiful blue color of the sea and aquamarine, describe the beach-theme. If you prefer feminine colors, you can go with a beautiful and appealing pink coral color. On the other hand, to create a modern coastal bathroom theme, you can combine more neutral colors such as sand with dark brown or gray gravel with white.

2. Enhance The Look of The Bathroom Wall With a Beach Theme.

Mostly, the focal point of a bathroom is the wall. So don’t let it be plain and flat. You can make a more interesting impression by using green fish scale patterned tiles, or you can use green palm wallpaper to get a fresh look at your coastal bathroom.

3. Spruce Up The Floor With Natural Elements.

Adding a natural touch to an ordinary bathroom by changing the floor will complement the natural beach atmosphere of your bathroom. Emma Sims-Hilditch, an interior designer from the Sims Hilditch interior design agency, agreed. In the bathroom of a Cornish beach house, She added a touch of pebble flooring. It also features pandanus, white wood panels behind the sink, and soft sea-colored tiles around the tub. As a result, these elements will soften the property’s coastal environment without losing its elegance.

4. Make it Artistic

You can provide variations such as rope mirrors and rattan baskets to add an artistic appearance. As a pretty towel holder, put rattan or rope baskets under the countertop. And place the rope mirror above your sink on the wall.

5. Using A Coastal Themed Bathroom Mat

The bathroom mat serves two purposes: it keeps the floor from becoming slippery after bathing or showering, and it also serves as a good-looking ornament for your floor. So, you can choose an anchor mat patterned to add a strong nautical look.

6. Add Some Beach Themed Decorations

Combining beach elements into the bathroom is quite simple; there are numerous beach accessories available for display in your bathroom. For instance, to complete your beach-themed bathroom, you can try placing some white seashells or a white starfish decoration on the wall.

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