Just like having a good kitchen, a cozy living room is a dream for everyone. So, close friends or relatives will feel at home and enjoy to chat for a long time. Yet many people avoid using a monochrome theme when design a living room. It is because this color is considered monotonous. Whereas, a monochrome theme will bright up the atmosphere if you can mix and match the colors with some interesting decorations. With this article, I will share about liven up monochrome living room in 5 ways.

Black And White

Do you know that monochrome doesn’t always have to be black and white? In fact, monochrome is gradation of one type of hue. Instead of black and white, you can try dark and light gray, dark and light blue, dark and light brown, or even dark red and pink for your living room.

Play With Pattern

Patterned decoration is always a good idea to liven up your living room. For instance, instead of using paint on your wall, you can use patterned wallpaper. Adding some patterned pillowcase to your sofa will also do the magic to bright up the mood when conversation happens in the room. At last, a patterned rug can be an alternative choice to play with.

Wall Decoration To Liven Up Monochrome Living Room

If you are not a fan of patterned wallpaper, there are varieties ways to decorate your wall. For example by putting your favorite painting or quotes of your life in typography. The wall can also becomes your valuable display with memorable pictures of family or friends.

Flowers Or Green Plants

Touch of greenery or flowers to your monochrome living room will add some freshness to your room. So, your guest will be more comfortable to spend time chat with you in your living room.

Lights To Liven Up Monochrome Living Room

Lamp can be an option to make statement in your living room. A unique design will attract your guest’s attention that leads to a great conversation. Or you can choose a simple design to add modern impression for your monochrome living room.

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