Modern dining room become a new trend recently. This concept emphasizes efficiency and simplicity in every piece of furniture. That is why you do not need to spend a lot of money to create a dining room with a modern concept. Nevertheless, you still need to consider a balance between comfort and aesthetic when you make the concept.

Play with Color Palette

Modern style is commonly known using  bright, neutral, and natural colour palette. It is because, those colours can alight your dining room and will give wider impression to your dining space too. For example, you can use light brown for the curtain and table, and white color for the wall. In addition, you can also choose monochrome theme like light grey that you can use for the chair.

Modern Design Furniture

Modern furniture is basically simple yet functional. This style furniture has strong lines, straight edges and lots of right angles, without complicated curves. The material can be made of natural materials, namely wood, stone, or leather. Sometimes, you can match that material with metal, steel or glass furniture. To take as an example, you can pair chrome steel dining chairs with a transparan glass dining table to get a modern look in your dining room.

Wall Decoration

Simple modern style does not mean without any decoration. To give harmony of beauty, you need some minimalist decoration ideas in your dining space. For instance, the idea of ​​giving a contemporary painting, or quotes in typography art. Moreover, you can also give a simple patterned wallpaper to give a different accent to your modern dining space.

Lighting For Modern Dining Room

Every room requires good source of lighting. A bright light can make a room appear more spacious, clean, and cheerful. It will be preferable if your dining room is near to windows. It is because the natural light can bright up your dining room in the morning and afternoon, so it will create a more comfortable atmosphere. However, if your dining room is in the middle of your house with no windows, you can try to use bright lamps. Choose a simple pendant lamp like globe pendant, glass pendant, or multi-light pendant in silver or gold that fits to your minimalist modern dining room.

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