Home is a place to relax and enjoy after a long day of activities outside. Unwind at home by soaking in a natural bathroom instead of paying a high spa fee. There are numerous ways to transform your home’s bathroom into a luxurious spa. You can try the following steps to make your luxury bathroom like an expensive spa, in addition to cleaning the crust attached to the walls and floors.

Natural Stone For Luxury Bathroom

The first thing to mention is the bathroom wall. Natural stone in dark colors can give your bathroom walls a luxurious and natural appearance. For example, granite and limestone. Because these two stones are extremely durable and can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Wooden Tile

It is highly recommended to combine natural stone walls with wooden floors in the bath up area as well as your sink. Both are ideal if you want to create a glamorous spa-like bathroom. Wooden floors create a natural and warm atmosphere. Furthermore, wooden floors are nonslip and very easy to clean.

Bathub For Luxury Bathroom

Relax by soaking in warm water, then you should choose the most comfortable bathtub for you. Of course, you must indicate the needs of bathtub that you use to your bathroom design concept and budget. Several types of bathtubs, such as the whirlpool bathtub, also known as the Jacuzi, will give you the impression of luxury while bathing and will provide you with more comfort. Claw-foot tubs look great in vintage-style bathrooms. Bathroom with a freestanding tub in a minimalist style. And the drop-in tub creates a luxurious spa atmosphere.

Use Shower For Freshness

When you want to feel refresh without getting soak, taking a shower is the best option. If you want to feel the freshness of rainwater that wets your entire body, you can install a rain shower head. In addition, if you want to feel relax after work, you can use a high shower head type.

Large Glass For Luxury Bathroom

Glass in the bathroom has become very popular. Because, glass can reflect more. So, the use of large glass can create the illusion of a bigger impression.

Rattan Furniture

Using furniture made of natural materials, such as rattan baskets, will give the room a more natural feel. The brown color complements the wooden shelves that can be placed in the bathroom, creating an artistic effect.

Low Lighting Giving Impression of Luxury Bathroom

Yellow light, which does not dazzle the eyes, has the ability to relax the body. To create an impression of elegance, use vintage-style lamps. Also, add candlelight to create a cozy atmosphere.

Natural Decoration

If you like green, then add natural decorations in the bathroom. Plants in pots can be placed in the corner of your bathroom or on the sink counter. As a result, your bathroom will not appear monotonous.

Aromatherapy Can Help You To Relax

When you soak in your favorite bathtub with hot water, add aromatherapy to complete it. The aroma of aromatherapy will calm and relax your mind. As a result, after soaking, you will be as fresh as possible.

Use Scented Bath Soap

Finally, the fragrant aroma of the bath soap you use will round out all of the luxuries and privileges in your bathroom. To feel like you’re in heaven, use floral-scented bath soap.

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