Pastel Wall Bedroom That Comforable For Newborn

Parents always want to create a comfy bedroom for their newborn. They will make it beautiful and comfortable just like in heaven. One of which, they want to bring the baby home to a charming color pastel wall with a minimalist design bedroom. So, these are some pastel wall color ideas to make that suitable room.

Nude Pink Pastel Wall

Nude Pink color with coastal design is very suitable for your cute baby girl. Put a little knit handmade starfish and shell as wall decoration and give some rattan furniture can make the room to be perfect. White vinyl flooring can match with the nude pink color. Besides that, the white vinyl flooring can give the impression of the room become wider.

Beige Pastel Wall

Beige pastel wall is the best option for neutral gender bedroom. Parents can add some big white stripes to the beige wallpaper. They can paint it by their own, or attach the white stickers on it. Not only that, furniture plays big role to make this room more comfortable. To begin with victorian white crib with the decorative green pillows at the corner. To make it look neater, they can put the baby’s needs below the crib and cover it with green lace. Moreover, they also can use victorian white cupboard to make a simple victorian baby’s room design.


Applying grey pastel wall color can make the impression of baby’s room more comfortable. Other than that, to make the room more cheerful, parents not only can use contras color like yellow, but also can attach animals stickers such as giraffe, little birds, cute elephant and monkeys.

Baby Blue Pastel Wall

For little king or queen, baby blue wall color always to be the most favorite color. Using patterned wall, making the room to be less boring. Such as, small diagonal pattern or another choices that match with the concept of baby’s room design.

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